Leadership Team

CHAI’s leadership brings a broad range of diverse experience to the task of helping people in low- and middle-income countries gain access to essential medicines, diagnostics, and health services. While some of CHAI’s senior leaders have scientific or medical experience, others come from high-level positions in government, business, and the non-profit sector. In accordance with CHAI’s values, these leaders–as well as our staff–are especially valued for their entreprenurial, management, and organizational skills. Above all, they are action-oriented and impatient for change. Click on a leader to learn more.

Board of Directors

President William J. Clinton

Chairman of the Board

Ira C. Magaziner

Vice Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Raymond G. Chambers

Board Member

Chelsea Clinton

Board Member

Dr. Paul Farmer

Board Member

Mala Gaonkar

Board Member

Bruce Lindsey

Board Member

Maggie Williams

Board Member

Dr. Tachi Yamada

Board Member

Timothy A A Stiles

Chairman of the Audit and Finance Committee

Richard J. Zall

Secretary of the Board and Legal Counsel