March 1, 2024

Request for quotations for biomedical equipment analyzers in Ethiopia

The Ministry of Health in Ethiopia, in collaboration with its key stakeholders and other implementing partners, has been working on health technology management, including the procurement of different medical devices/equipment such as Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) plants, manifolds, pipeline systems, and power generators to meet the additional oxygen need for COVID-19 pandemic management and beyond.

The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), with funding from KOFIH, seeks interested and capable vendors to submit quotations for the supply of Biomedical Equipment Analyzers to Ethiopia as detailed in the specification package (Annex B) of this RFQ. When preparing your RFQ, please use the form attached as Annex A and the CHAI EM Code of Conduct and Ethics for Suppliers in Annex C for guidance.

Any queries or clarifications on this RFP should be submitted by 12 midnight EDT on Tuesday, March 12, via email to, quoting RFQ/CHAI/BMT/ETH/0324 in the subject line. Questions will be compiled, and responses will be shared via all RFQ solicitation channels, including email.

Quotations must be submitted on or before 12 midnight EDT on Thursday, March 21, via the email quoting RFQ/CHAI/BMT/ETH/0324 in the subject line. If your submission is large and cannot be sent by email, please request an upload link with the subject ‘Requesting file upload link for RFQ/CHAI/BMT/ETH/0324’ to on or before 12 midnight EDT on Friday, March 15.

Download the RFP

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