May 26, 2020

CHAI releases first-ever Hepatitis C Market Report

The report provides market intelligence on hepatitis C (HCV) diagnostics and drugs in low- and middle-income countries to help guide elimination of the disease

We are pleased to release the first issue of CHAI’s HCV Market Report.

The report provides an overview of the supplier landscape for World Health Organization (WHO) recommended HCV drugs and diagnostics, outlines historical supply and pricing trends, highlights global benchmark prices, and suggests ways in which low- and middle-income countries can access testing and treatment at more affordable prices.

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As of 2015, approximately 71 million people worldwide are living with chronic HCV, yet, as of 2017, only 19 percent of people living with the disease know their status, and only 7 percent have received treatment.

Many factors contribute to this gap, including limited domestic and donor financing, lack of patient awareness, poor infrastructure for public screening and care, and historically high costs of treatment. However, the state of the market has changed drastically in recent years with the introduction of pangenotypic direct-acting antivirals and their generic versions, with cure rates in excess of 95 percent, and simplified testing algorithms, which make eliminating the disease achievable.

Being aware of historical pricing and volume trends will help stakeholders understand the market landscape, identify existing gaps, and work toward solving demand and supply related issues that still exist. Addressing the market related problems can help expedite progress in achieving HCV elimination by 2030.

Highlights from the report include:

  • An explanation of the WHO recommended HCV testing and treatment algorithm, with diagnostic and treatment cascades for adults and children.
  • Recommendations for better pricing transparency for buyers, including examples of all-inclusive, supplier-specific global pricing structures for HCV viral load tests, which enables streamlined procurement and simplifies budgeting and program management for buyers.
  • Volume and pricing trends across low- and middle-income countries and price benchmarks for treatment.
  • Potential ways in which low- and middle-income countries can access HCV testing and treatment at more affordable prices.

We are thankful to our global partners for helping us gather relevant data for the analysis, for sharing registration status in countries, and for their invaluable feedback during the development and refinement of the report.

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Cover page of the Hepatitis C Market Report featuring pink and blue pills on a dark blue background.

This report was revised on July 8, 2020, based on stakeholder feedback. Following are the key revisions: Exhibit 5 now includes the Abbott Alinity m platform and HPV has been included in the test menu for the Abbott m2000. Hyperlinks in sources for exhibit 5 have been updated accordingly. The viral load tests which have been PQ’d now are highlighted on page 19. Text noting that the suppliers presented in exhibit 6 may offer additional tests outside of the inclusions of the global programs has been added on page 21. Initial instrument training has been included in exhibit 6. Exhibit 9 has been updated to the current cost components. The narrative on page 25 has been adjusted to specify that exhibit 9 is a single country snapshot and does not necessarily represent universal cost components for this or other suppliers in all countries. Additionally, it has been clarified that the margin included in the example in exhibit 9 is not typical of Cepheid agreements.
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