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CHAI’s work in the field and at the global level has generated a broad range of knowledge, evidence and impact that improves our own work each day and can help others interested in global public health.

We are pleased to share the news and information below in the hope that it contributes to people everywhere achieving greater access to health services.

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Optimising the manufacture, formulation, and dose of antiretroviral drugs for more cost-efficient delivery in resource-limited settings: a consensus statement

07/01/2012 THE LANCET - It is expected that funding limitations for worldwide HIV treatment and prevention in resource-limited settings will continue, and, because the need for treatment scale-up is urgent, the emphasis on value for money has become an increasing priority.

HP Wins 2012 Justmeans Social Innovation Award

04/26/2012 CHAI - Congratulations to our partner, Hewlett Packard (HP), for winning the Justmeans Social Innovation Award for Most Strategic Us of Philanthropic Funds! We are proud to collaborate with HP, the Kenyan Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, and Strathmore University to save the lives of more than 100,000 infants in Kenya each year through our Early Infant Diagnosis Program.

New process would make anti-malarial drug less costly

04/25/2012 ORGANIC PROCESS RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT - Scientists are reporting development of a new, higher-yield, two-step, less costly process that may ease supply problems and zigzagging prices for the raw material essential for making the mainstay drug for malaria, a disease that sickens 300-500 million people and kills more than 1 million people annually. The report on the process, which uses readily available substances and could be easily implemented by drug companies, appears in ACS’ journal Organic Process Research & Development.

Press Releases

CHAI and partners expand Hispaniola Malaria Elimination Efforts

CHAI is proud to be part of a collaborative consortium working to eliminate malaria in Hispaniola by 2020 and create a malaria-free zone across the Caribbean. “Malaria was very nearly eliminated from Hispaniola in the 1960s, but funding and operational planning were insufficient to get the job done. This consortium has the exciting opportunity to help Haiti and the Dominican Republic finally wipe out malaria in the Caribbean and end a disease that has been a burden there since it was first introduced 500 years ago,” said Justin Cohen, Ph.D., M.P.H., senior director, Global Malaria. Learn more about this collaborative effort here.

VL Announcement - 25 Sept 14


CHAI Annual Report 2013

CHAI Annual Report for the year 2013

Key CHAI Documents

Demand-Driven Evaluations for Decisions (3DE)

CHAI’s Demand-Driven Evaluations for Decisions (3DE) program is a pioneering approach to support ministries in the health sector with evidence-based decision-making by using rigorous impact evaluations in a demand-driven, rapid, and efficient way.

ARV Market Report - Dec 2014

This report provides a global perspective on the ARV marketplace in low-and middle-income countri

CHAI Map (as of 11 November 2014)

11/11/2014 CHAI - PDF version of "Where We Work" map.