CHAI statement on the passing of Sidonie Uwimpuhwe

Sidonie smiles at the camera. She is wearing a blue jacket and purple scarf.

Sidonie Uwimpuhwe was the CHAI Country Director for Rwanda.

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our colleague, Sidonie Uwimpuhwe.

Sidonie joined CHAI in 2018 as our first Rwandese national country director in Rwanda. Under her leadership, the Rwanda program has grown almost threefold in funding and impact, launching significant work across the range of CHAI’s strategic focus areas.

Sidonie represented so much of the present and future of CHAI. A committed scholar and strong advocate for patients and especially women’s rights, she was a role model and mentor to many in our family. Sidonie embodied CHAI’s values and spirit in a very pure way, and the world will be a much poorer place without her.

We invite the many people who knew and loved Sidonie to share messages of remembrance and support below.


  1. Roy Joseph

    Sidonie’s effusive personality complimented her strong presence in office. She was an inspirational leader in the real sense of the word. I will cherish the interactions I had with her. Her vision for the Rwanda office is reflected in the great strides this office has made in the past 2.5 years. We must all celebrate her legacy and continue to set our sights on the vision that Sidonie had for the Office, for CHAI and for Rwanda.

    I cannot ever forget the time Sidonie playfully chided my poor taste in African music at a Friday Shuffle. She proceeded to take my phone from me, play a popular African song and then groove to its beats. There are some memories which shall stay with me forever. I owe a lot to Sidonie and her wholehearted support for the TB program.

  2. Alexis Turrall

    I am so sorry to hear the news on Sidonie. I worked with Sidonie when I was managing an MFAT CHAI programme commissioned through DAI. Her approach and enthusiasm really energised the programme and she will be hugely missed. RIP.

  3. Gerald Macharia

    I first met Sidonie on the 16th of July 2018 when Alice and I traveled to Kigali to interview her for the CHAI Rwanda CD position.

    Whereas I knew Rwandan women to be tall, Sidonie carried her height with a feisty self confidence that sort of exuded an air of “I know who I am and I know what I am doing”.

    The interview turned out to be more of her asking us questions about CHAI than us interviewing her. I reviewed my interview notes just before this message and smiled at a couple of comments I wrote. One said: “she displays a remarkable level of emotional intelligence when asked how she would tackle difficult situations” – Sidonie remained true to this comment, helping us tackle some really difficult situations in our Rwanda office, displaying this same level of emotional intelligence that I wrote about and remaining true to what CHAI stands for. My other comment in my interview notes read: “she has an excellent grasp of the intersection between strategic fit and impact with very good insights into the program pathways needed for this” – Again she lived up to this, anchoring our Rwanda work into a multiplicity of programs, growing the office and budget 3-fold and claiming the high ground in our strategic relationship with the Government of Rwanda.

    I visited Rwanda frequently in the first 6 months of her settling down as CD and came to know Sidonie the person more than Sidonie the CD. She was warm, open and accepting, with a kind word for everyone. Often we would sit in her office or at a nearby restaurant and brainstorm over things we could do for the office and the team and then ask ourselves what we needed to do to achieve these aspirations. She told me my story about joining CHAI was inspiring to her and being hallmark Sidonie, she pushed me for the full download of my CHAI experience, often insisting I explain in detail how some things in CHAI came to be and how she could use some of my experiences in her new position.

    On one of the many trips we made to the field, she asked me how in a world so broken, I could still find a balance between faith and humanity. I told her of what Ira often says about the many faiths represented in CHAI; that all the prophets summarized the basic approach to faith and humanity as doing unto others what you would have done, to you. Her family was dear to her and she kept a lively conversation with me about them, as I shared about mine. We often ribbed one another about growing up and she would jokingly tell me that the only reason I noticed her keen sense of fashion was because of growing up with girls. This would often lead to an argument which she would inevitably win with a finality that would again, chidingly tell me that the only noticeable trait from growing up with girls is that I wore cologne.

    This is the person I will dearly miss. A true professional who was the best in the game, a true friend who loved and cared without reservation and a fun person with a great sense of humor and who everyone felt easy and accepted around them. I am truly honored to have been her immediate boss, professional colleague and a good friend.

    The Bible tells us in the book of Revelations Chapter 3 verse 21: “To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne” — Sidonie was victorious; she will sit with the Almighty God on that throne, amen.

    Gerald Macharia.

  4. Joe Levy

    Such terribly sad news. The Sidonie I knew was so full of life, and losing her is especially heartbreaking. Though she accomplished so much, she clearly had much more to give to Rwanda and the world. I offer my deepest condolences to her family and to all my CHAI colleagues who worked with her closely.

    I met Sidonie in her first month at CHAI. I was meant to help orient her to CHAI, but already she demonstrated more of what CHAI is and could be than I could ever show her. She made a deep impression on me with her vitality, her keen understanding of personalities, and her empathy for everyone we met. I left Kigali with a new sense of purpose that has stayed with me.

    Sidonie was a colleague whom I always looked forward to speaking with and learning from. I miss her, but I know her memory and legacy will be with me and with CHAI for a long time.

  5. Alice Kang'ethe

    I met Sidonie in July 2018 in a meeting room at a recruitment firm in Kigali. She was one of two finalists for the position of Country Director Rwanda. Sidonie’s confidence immediately caught my attention. The interview morphed into a long, captivating conversation. A self-assured young African woman. Passionate about Rwanda. Passionate about women’s empowerment beyond the call of duty at CARE International. Her enthusiasm about the prospect of extending impact on women and children to healthcare was palpable. It was clear that she was the best candidate for the role. A CHAI fit!

    Sidonie joined CHAI in September 2018. The first Rwandan national Country Director. This was a significant milestone. She embraced and took on the challenge wholeheartedly. I remember her telling me and Gerald a few weeks into the role, “but you people did not tell me that there is not much funding here outside the nutrition program” amidst loads of laughter. Determined and ambitious she went on to grow the Rwanda program and its staff. Her work and that of her team has saved many lives. Sidonie and her team have also helped set up health systems that will save many more lives and avert future deaths in Rwanda.

    I will miss you dearly Sidonie. Your energy. Your passion. Your laughter. Your ability to communicate effectively with people at all levels. I will miss your elegance and style. I cherish the great memories of our time together.

    I will do my best to ensure that we live up to your ideals. Your legacy lives on.

    I continue to pray for your family during this very difficult time.

    Rest in eternal peace Sidonie.

  6. Rosemary Kihoto

    Sidonie, I am deeply saddened by your transition from our earthly home. There was still so much more to do, many more lives to save and many more women to impact. This day however came and we are faced with the difficult reality of your absence. Our hearts are heavy, our tears flow, but we also have very beautiful memories of you. You have left a legacy that speaks to a young woman who was dedicated to serving her country and the world with passion and excellence. You brightened up a room whenever you walked in. Such exuberance, elegance and genuine connection to the people you met.
    Sidonie, you have left this world far better than you found it. You are dearly missed and will never be forgotten
    Rest In Peace Sidonie


  7. Jack Kimani

    Sidonie’s passing leaves a heartache that will take long to heal. Sending my sincere condolences to her family. May God’s infinite love and healing be with you in this time of struggle. May He watch over you and comfort you in His graces. May her memories bring some comfort during this time. Shalom

  8. Cynthia Kankindi

    My sincere condolences to the late Sidonie’s family,friends and CHAI community. May her soul rest in peace.
    She was a wonderful colleague and leader. She embodied so much grace, focus and energy for life-she will be dearly missed.

  9. Messaye

    May her soul Rest in Peace. My sincere sympathies to her family and friends.

  10. Regis Hitimana

    It is very hard to believe our lovely Sidonie is gone! After more than 10 years of having her as a friend, a sister, I had an opportunity of knowing her professionally for 7 months after I joined RSSB. Too short period of time, but too much achieved, and many and important projects in pipeline.
    She was intelligent, dedicated to her work and its impact to the population. At RSSB, particularly Community based health insurance department, we lost a great partner, and I personally lost a great friend. We will always remember her!
    May her should rest in eternal peace!

  11. Annastacia Nthenya Olembo

    Very sad to hear the news of Sidone passing. Great friend, team and amazing woman who lived others unconditionally. I will miss her . My condolences to her children

  12. Bena

    Dear Sidonie, we celebrate your impactful life and cherish memories of the times we shared. May God comfort your family and rest your soul in peace.

  13. Seraphin kagame

    I am saddened and sorry to hear of Sidonie’s unexpected passing. I wish peace and comfort to family and friends, you are in my my thoughts and prayers.

  14. Mulalo Rambau

    Rest well Sidonie. Each encounter with you left me inspired.

  15. Ines

    Dear Sidonie, you will be missed forever and always.

    The little moments you shared with me were strong, full of a great vision of strengthening the healthcare systems.

    That love of your nation, that passion of bringing Universal Health Coverage to everyone in need will always speak of a great person you were.

    You are indeed a legend and we will try our best to uphold your legacy. You have touched the hearts of so many who owe you a lifetime gratitude.

    CHAI and Rwanda have lost a Resourceful Leader.

    Thank you for your mission at CHAI. Rest in peace.


  16. Gakuba Coryse

    Ohhh Sidonie, I don’t have any thing to say… , I can’t believe you’re gone. You will be missed. May your soul rest in peace!

  17. Claire U.

    On behalf of Rwanda Social Security Board, it is with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of The country Director of CHAI Rwanda, Sidonie Uwimpuhwe.
    We convey our sincere condolences to her family, friends and the entire CHAI community.

    Her dedication and contribution especially towards Community Based Health Insurance will never be forgotten.

    May her soul rest in peace.


  18. Liliane Gahenda

    We are never ready to say goodbye forever even though we know that it’s a part of life. We lost someone special, but as we mourn your death we also celebrate your life. You enjoyed the beauty of life; your love, your voice, your positive energy, your smile are forever imprinted in our mind…

    We know that the God you served is taking good care of you now as his special angel, and he will surely take care of Shaun, Teta and the rest of your family.
    Rest in eternal peace sweat soul.

  19. Ira Magaziner

    I am heartbroken over the sudden loss of Sidonie. She was a compassionate, energetic, idealistic, talented, and inspirational leader for CHAI, taken from us in the prime of her life. She devoted her life to serving others and there are many people in Rwanda who are alive that might otherwise have died if not for her work and many more whose burden of disease has been lessened because of her efforts. She loved her country and was dedicated to its success. She was a tireless advocate for improving the rights and opportunities of women in society and was a role model for many women and girls in her country.

    I always looked forward to any opportunity to meet or more recently talk to Sidonie by phone. I always learned from our conversations and her enthusiasm always lifted my spirits. She was so compelling, persuasive, and her judgment was so good, that I could never say “no” to her when she made a request. Sidonie was respected by all who worked with her and her good heart, positive attitude, and engaging personality made her a friend as well as a professional associate to many of us.

    Rest in peace Sidonie in the knowledge that you leave behind a legacy of good deeds and devoted friends. We honor your memory and will never forget you.


  20. U.Kayitesi Chantal

    Lovely Sidonie where you are in heaven, I want to thank you for your great work and dedication to empowering women & children and strengthening the Rwanda health system. I am sorry that I could not tell you this before you left us.Rest in peace.

  21. Nkechi

    Dear Sidonie, I can’t believe you’re gone! It’s taken a couple of days for the news to finally sink in. It feels like just a few days ago when I was in Kigali and we chatted and tried to catch up. It is really difficult to imagine you, with all that boundless energy you exude, lying still!

    May your soul rest in perfect peace! And may your family find peace and comfort during this difficult time.

  22. Anon


    You will be dearly missed. May you Rest In Peace.

    My prayers goes out to your family.

  23. Diana

    Sidonie was such a special friend and I will miss her dearly.

    I admired how simply she approached everything, even the most complex and grand plans. First of all she dreamed really big, and in her eyes, nothing was impossible. Her mind always seemed to be working four steps ahead in building blueprints for each of those grand plans. And when one roadblock came in the way, she called us round a table to strategize on how to swiftly tackle it. It was so much fun working with her.

    She put so much trust in her team, and showed how much she trusted each one of us to simply get the job done. She recognized each individuals strengths and focused on that. She celebrated every achievement and I remember the day we had two large decadent cakes at office on the same day celebrating the cancer team achievements. Sidney had this amazing ability to bring everyone together.
    I will fondly remember was how she was able to inspire such work ethic and drive while building such authentic relationships, not only in CHAI but even with colleagues in government and with partners.

    Conversations with Sidonie were always real! Even the ones that only lasted two minutes. And one could always count on receiving an honest and wise word from her; be it personal or work related discussions.
    Sidonie was a gem.

    If she meant all this to us, how much more to her family.
    May her beautiful soul Rest In Peace.

  24. Neel Lakhani

    I’m deeply saddened to hear of Sidonie’s passing. Her energy and passion for her work and everyone she worked with was an inspiration to us all.

    My sincere condolences to her family.

    She will be missed.

  25. Moira

    Sidonie was extremely resourceful and a good colleague. She will be greatly missed. My deepest condolances to her family and loved ones.

  26. Katherine Oginsky

    wishing peace to sidonie’s family and friends. our heart goes out to you from canada.

  27. William Gashyashyari

    I would like to convey my family’s condolences to Sidonie’s family. It is so grieving losing such a senior citizen and colleague. Professionally, I knew Sidonie to be a passionate individual with incomparable leadership traits and most of all endowed with real CHAI values. On a personal note, I will always mention the kindest heart she showed me during the time my daughter was to undergo cancer treatment overseas. During that time, her support in her capacity as CD showed great empathy she possessed within her. My family will always be indebted to her family left behind. As a CHAI Rwanda country staff, we will always miss her un ending guidance. May her Soul Rest in Peace.

  28. Charlotte Taylor

    My heartfelt condolences to Sidonie’s family, to the CHAI family and all health sector partners in Rwanda. Sidonie leaves behind a strong legacy and I trust that her spirit and positive energy will live on in our hearts for years to come.


  29. Albert Mutasa

    Very sad loss to the Development community in Rwanda, may her soul find peace in the Lord

  30. Dr Kasonde Mwinga

    It is with great sadness that I learnt of the death of Mrs. Sidonie UWIMPUHWE, Director of the Clinton Health Access Initiative in Rwanda. I share the pain of this great loss.

    On behalf of the World Health Organization in Rwanda, I extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Ms Sidonie and to the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

    I was fortunate and happy to have crossed her path when she was with us as a very active health development partner. We recognize Sidonie’s dedication to supporting and improving the Rwanda health system. Her death is tragic loss not only to her immediate family and friends but also to the health sector in which we collaborated.

  31. Mihereteab T.

    It is heartbreaking! My condolences to Sidonie’s family, CHAI, and friends! May God give us the comfort and strength to move forward in life during this hard time. Sidonie, may your soul rest in peace!

  32. Fiona Gambanga

    Sidonie was an amazing leader. Very warm, kind, personable and straight to the point when it came to communicating and getting the work done. Sidonie cared very much about women’s representation and hearing everyone’s thoughts and opinions at meetings and in everything. She made us all feel welcome and valued at CHAI. She was also very passionate about the work we did.

    I remember the last conversation we had in December over lunch and she was excited about all the work that was lined up for our office in 2021 supporting the Ministry. Her optimism and energy motivated me. I also looked up to her as an African woman leader in public health and learnt a lot from how she spoke, carried herself, and managed our office.

    Will miss her laugh and the way she would also take time to say hi and check if you are doing well no matter who you were. An amazing leader, colleague and person.

    Rest in Peace Sidonie

  33. Anonymous

    I heard the extremely sad news of Sidonie’s passing with broken heart. Difficult to fully articulate…All my prayers are with her family and the Rwanda office.

    May her soul RIP

  34. Elizabeth McCarthy

    Sidonie had an infectious energy. From the moment she stepped into her role as Country Director, you could just tell that she was in control and that she was leading from a place of compassion for her country and her team. She was eager to learn and never shied away from asking tough questions. She had a spirit that just attracted people to her. I would look forward to meeting her at global CHAI management meetings – to connect and laugh as well as to strategize about the best way to get the work done. She was too young and her future was too bright. This is a devastating loss for all who knew her. We are all thinking of her family at this time and holding them close.

  35. Jessica Gu

    Sidonie was a bold, innovative, and inspiring leader, a servant to the mission of saving lives, and a true CHAI colleague. The health and well-being of many people today are in a better place because of Sidonie. May she rest in peace knowing that she has left the world in a better place. My deepest condolences to her family and loved ones.

  36. Donatha Gihana

    Beautiful (as we called each other), It’s still hard to believe that you have left us this soon. We are at complete loss of words….

    Sweet memories of your genuine smile, friendship, kindness, love, integrity and professionalism in our Gender Experts’ Team–will always be remembered. Your deep motherly love to Shaun & Teta, despite all your heavy responsibilities will be truly missed. May God strengthen them in this very difficult time.

    To the CHAI Family and friends, we deeply mourn with you.

    Rest well Beautiful🌺.

  37. Donatha Gihana

    Beautiful (as we called each other), It’s still hard to believe that you have left us this soon. We are at complete loss of words….

    Sweet memories of your genuine smile, friendship, kindness, love, integrity and professionalism in our Gender Experts’ Team–will always be remembered. Your deep motherly love to Shaun & Teta, despite all your heavy responsibilities will be truly missed. May God strengthen them in this very difficult time.

    To the CHAI Family and friends, we deeply mourn with you.

    Rest well Beautiful🌺.

  38. Rabson Zimba

    Sidonie, your legacy lives on, thank you for the life you shared with us, you were a leader and a mentor to many. A selfless life you lived to better the lives of many disadvantaged people in society. You will be greatly missed. RIP.

  39. Ray Kennedy

    Desperately sad news to hear about. Sidonie was a great leader and colleague to work with – I’m sorry I never got the chance to meet her in person. Many condolences to her family.

  40. Hilda Shakwelele

    I am still dumbstruck with your death Sidonie…I will fondly miss our chats and laughs! My thoughts and prayers are with your family during this difficult time. Rest in glory Sidonie!

  41. Prudence Haimbe - Zambia

    Oh Sidonie, our hearts are broken. Your love and passion for the people of Rwanda was so admirable. You worked so hard to ensure that they got the best health interventions. You lived and breathed the CHAI mission, we have lost a true ambassador. My heart goes out to your family especially the children. It was an honor to have met you, worked with you and shopped with you.
    Rest in the perfect peace Sidonie.

  42. Pankaj Kumar Sharma

    I can’t believe the loss of her as she is a very nice human being and Still can’t believe is not among us. My sincere condolence to her family, friends.

  43. Sivantha Hul

    Our Cambodia team: it is really sad news. It’s a big loss not just for CHAI but the whole community she had been working with and for. I’d like to share deep condolence to her family and Rwanda. May she rest in peace.

  44. Toeur EK-Cambodia

    My deepest condolences to her family, friends and CHAI Rwanda Team. This is a big loss for CHAI family. May her soul rest in peace.

  45. Herb Harwell

    The passing of someone close challenges us to live up to their ideals. For Sidonie that challenge is substantial. I hope I am up to it. She was profoundly successful and greatly admired.

    We are also reminded to reach out, connect with and support those left behind. Let us keep searching for ways to stay close while the world keeps us apart. Warmth and kindness to all my CHAI colleagues.

  46. Kelly Catlin

    Sidonie will be missed greatly by all her knew her. She was a shining star among us. Her family is in my thoughts and prayers. RIP

  47. Sam

    I always admired Sidonie’s passion, positivity and ability to make every colleague into a friend. No matter how busy she was, she would make time for people, ask how they were, and so often make us laugh. Reading these messages I am struck by the fact that she did this for so many people. CHAI and the public health community have lost a great leader and friend who will be truly missed. My condolences to her family.

  48. Olivia Promise Kabatesi

    So sad indeed!! My heartfelt condolences to the entire family of the deceased & CHAI colleagues; may you all find solace in the Lord! Sidonie, rest in perfect peace darling🙏🏽; you will be forever missed😭😭

  49. Dao Weeman

    I met Sidonie while at CHAI’s managers meeting in Thailand last year. While I did not get to know her well, what stood out to me about meeting Sidonie was her wonderful “life force”. When we meet certain people in life, the energy that they exude even in silence shares a great depth of character and history. Sidonie’s light was wonderful and inspiring. It says so much when the passing of someone you barely knew tugs your heart from thousands of miles away.

    My deepest condolences to Sidonie’s family, but these words feels so inadequate for such incredible loss. I only hope and pray that Sidonie’s loved ones, especially her children and niece feel the love of their mom and aunt with them every day and in every moment. They say that the deep ache that you feel in your heart when a loved one passes away is not because they are lost to us but rather the ache is the gentle press of their hands inside our heart…for that is where they have gone to live for always. God speed Sidonie, give God a kiss for us.

  50. Anonymous

    All of my thoughts and prayers are with the family.
    May her soul rest in peace.

  51. Devon Cain

    Such a devastating loss for the world.

    I wish I’d known Sidonie better. We’d just started working together. I’m grateful though for that time – the opportunity to know her.

    I’ll never forget the first time we talked – she was so discerning and ambitious and optimistic. And then there was her energy. Whenever I spoke with her, I felt so revitalized. She was quick to laugh and she had a way of making you feel both empowered and safe to be vulnerable – it was just clear that as soon as you were on her team, she was on yours.

    I think it’s really hard to accept and move through a loss like this. I hope her family, her friends and her CHAI family are finding comfort and support.

    Rest in power, Sidonie.

  52. Craig McClure

    Sidonie was a true leader who embodied CHAI’s values. She joined CHAI just before I did, and we bonded immediately. We had so much fun and worked so hard together, meeting four times in 2019 to help Rwanda chart its path towards Hepatitis C elimination and in-between speaking on the phone countless times. She was so passionate about helping Rwanda become the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to eliminate Hep C. I will remember most Sidonie’s infectious laugh and beautiful smile and the love and respect she inspired in her staff. I will miss her very much and still find it hard to believe she has left us.

  53. Anonymous

    it’s hard to express how i feel right now Sidonie why why 😭😭😭
    With your kind heart and good attitudes to me from the day one i met you. You showed me love and encouraging me everyday to work hard and be successful in my career I am sure that you are already in heaven, rest in peace Sidonie. I will miss you so much my prayers and thoughts are with your family.Till we meet again Sidonie

  54. Christy

    I attended a program retreat in Rwanda in 2019. Sidione gave us her welcome remarks. Her commanding presence, confidence and leadership shone through those 20 minutes. She was a true inspiration. May her soul rest in power🕯🙏🏽

  55. Phyllis Chituku

    Sincere condolences to her family and the entire CHAI family, may the Lord comfort the family during this difficult time.

  56. Hebert Nyathi

    I first met Sidonie when she first started with CHAI. My job was to take her through the HR orientation. It was a full week of enjoying her engaged personality , professional and very sociable nature. From then on we became very close collaborators working together on many simple and complex HR related matters. Through all those times she remained calm, positive and full of laughter.

    Sidonie had a heart for staff and every moment we spoke she always challenged me to think about ways i could support her to motivate, grow and empower her staff to do more and grow professionally. She had a great vision for the Rwanda office , she had great plans that we were looking forward to working on together in 2021 to take the Rwanda office to even greater levels.

    Her passing on has been very painful for me. Its not only a loss of a colleague but also a friend whose passion for reading prompted us to create a culture of buying each other books. I will cherish those memories and contribute in my own way in continuing with her HR vision for CHAI Rwanda. May her dear soul rest in eternal peace.

  57. Francois Mbonyinshuti - HRH Secretariat

    C’est avec une profonde tristesse que j’ai appris la disparition de Sidonie.

    Je souhaite m’associer à la douleur sentie par sa famille et son organization – CHAI, en ces jours si difficile et inimaginable. Sidonie était l’une des rares femmes courrageuse, intelligente et dévoué pour le bien-être de ses partenaires et de la société.

    J’ai pas eu la chance de partager assez de recontres avec Sidonie mais je sens combien avec son depart, nous perdons à la fois une collaboratrice et une amie précieuse. Ensemble avec d’autres collègues , je tiens à présenter mes plus sincères condoléances.

  58. Owen Demke

    I first knew I was going to move to Rwanda when I was in Geneva with the Cervical Cancer team for a program meeting. After maybe our third or fourth impromptu meeting/chat in the hallway, Sidonie, out of nowhere, just shouts out “why don’t you come to Rwanda? Move to Rwanda! Then I don’t have to go looking for you anymore, you’ll be right there!” After some time thinking about where to settle, this wholehearted and uninhibited comment from her instantly convinced me and I’ve never regretted that decision since.

    Sidonie had a way of valuing everyone the same – from the most junior staff to senior leadership – she respected everyone around her. Even more so, she fully trusted her team’s inputs and opinions and would always make sure to hear what everyone on the team had to say before closing a meeting or following up with a partner.

    I always felt at home entering the CHAI office, and Sidonie was a big part of that. Anytime you popped your head into her office, she would instantly light up with a big smile, no matter how busy she might be.

    There’s really just not enough people like her in the world. We’ve lost someone truly great and I will miss her dearly.

  59. John Kuria

    This is so sad. Indeed a fallen hero. Rest well Dr Sidonie. My condolences to the family. May God give you peace and comfort at this difficult time. In

  60. Caroline Barrett

    Sidonie was a joy to know and work with. She had an expansive view of what we at CHAI could accomplish, endlessly optimistic and always encouraging her colleagues to think bigger, move faster.

    She had the perfect blend of big, ambitious vision, plus attention to the practical and human considerations involved in making big ideas quickly come to fruition.

    Sidonie was a true inspiration, and I will so miss getting to hear her opinion, her jokes, and her laugh.

  61. Cassie Nemzoff

    I had the pleasure of meeting Sidonie in Rwanda through partnering with CHAI. In my visits to Rwanda, she left a huge impression on me as a great and approachable leader for the whole of CHAI Rwanda. From a recent meeting I’d written down what she said about our work together in Rwanda that will stick with me for a long time, “you guys like to think, and think, and think again… but we need to get going!” It made me smile .. and nervous to get moving. Thinking of Sidonie’s family, friends, and her CHAI family too in these difficult times. May she rest in peace.

  62. Anicet Nzabonimpa

    Sidonie!!! Your charismatic spirit at work will make you present in Rwandan health society forever. May God reserve a holy place for you in his eternal home. Requiescas In Pace, Sidonie!!!

  63. Anonymous

    RIP Sidonie

  64. Lisa Godwin

    What a devastating loss to the world. It was a privilege to work with Sidonie in the Rwanda Health Development Partners group. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

  65. Mwaniki Daniel

    Very sad news. RIP Sidonie

  66. Maelle Barbancon

    Sidonie truly cared about and valued everyone no matter who they were, where they came from and what their written title was. She was not the type to make bold statements but demonstrated her inclusiveness every day in her actions. I remember how she would often come in and ask us, from junior to more senior colleagues, to join a key meeting with top leadership at the Ministry or within CHAI – as long as one was engaged on the project and had something valuable to share he or she was welcome. I think she did so because to her her teams should have the voice and hers was not more important than any other.

    It’s because of her unique inclusive leadership and genuineness that the Rwanda office feels so united today and that so many people in Rwanda and beyond feel so affected. Sidonie is leaving behind her a lot of inspiration and will continue to have an impact through all of us as our actions reflect what she has subtly – and most of the time unconsciously – taught us. I will miss her presence, her smile, her communicative laugh, and the warm atmosphere she created around her dearly. My deepest condolences to the family. Know that a lot of us are here for you if we can help in anyway.

  67. Evans Kibet

    I still have fresh memories of working with her while she was still working with CARE International. In our engagement, I found her to be always calm even when things were tough and her passion for gender programming especially on girls and women empowerment was evident. We have lost a big resource as a country and my sincere condolences to her family, friends and colleagues at CHAI.

  68. Maurice Kwizera

    I personally, and our team at WaterAid Rwanda, have been very saddened by the passing of Sidonie, whom I got to know better though the network of INGOs in Rwanda. A very passionate, energetic and influential leader is gone! Our sincere condolences to the family and to the Clinton Health Access Initiative. May her soul rest in peace!

  69. PALESA

    I am deeply saddened by Sidonie’s passing. I worked closely with Sidonie from the time she joined CHAI in 2018, visited Rwanda in 2019 and got to meet her in person. That one week visit found me a collaborative business partner, a highly motivated African woman, a supportive leader to the Rwanda team (she was always intentional, made time to think and speak about how she can best empower and develop her team’s capacity). She was one of the most amazing leaders and personalities I have come across. I found Sidonie to be a caring, compassionate, loving and very spiritual human being.

    We have lost a committed business partner, a colleague and a friend. I share my deepest heartfelt condolences with her immediate family, CHAI Rwanda team and the broader CHAI family. May her soul rest in eternal peace in the house of the Lord.

  70. Alexander Kyllevik

    Very sorry to learn these news. My warm thoughts to family, friends and colleagues of Sidonie. We have greatly appreciated her work especially in her capacity at CARE Rwanda. You were a person of true integrity and led by example in the work for gender equality.

    Sincere condolences

  71. Mutijima phillip

    Rest In Peace faithful servant of God I did not work with chai but I am sure all members of chai Rwanda can tell this she was always reflecting CHAI values not by words but also applying them thank you Sidonie for completing Gods work on this world condolence to her Kids and family

  72. Marie Rose Kayirangwa

    It is hard to believe that Sidonie has left us. I have known and worked her for many years at different levels during her professional career in Government and NGOs. In the health sector, she contributed a lot and her patriotism was very inspiring. She used to say: let’s do that; let’s support in that etc…
    In Gender, Sidonie contributed immensely to gender equality and women empowerment and advocated for the welfare of vulnerable women and girls. I always admired her knowledge about health and gender issues. Sido’s legacy will stay with us forever.
    Socially, she loved to laugh and had creative ways of boosting people’s morale. She was a caring mum and a close friend to her kids as well as a special friend to many. Our goodbyes were never said, but our friendship and great memories will last forever.
    Sleep well beautiful soul. Until we meet again my bestie as we used to call each other.

    Deepest condolences to the entire CHAI and Sido ‘s own Family.

  73. Cathy Mugeni

    Une femme de caractère , intelligente dévouée à son travail et sa famille . Repose en paix très chère Sidonie .

  74. Vestine

    Rest in peace Sidonie,

    It was a big pleasure to know you , to be friend and colleague with you. I will continue to treasure your kindness, authenticity, smartness.

    You will be always in our heart.


  75. Emmanuel Nyirimana

    RIP Sidonie. My sincerely condolences to her family and the entire CHAI family

  76. Samson Radeny

    It’s saddening to learn of the passing of our sister and friend, Sidonie. The health sector in Rwanda has lost a champion and an advocate. Sidonie vigorously explored partnerships with all players in the sector. She used every opportunity to advance her organization’s vision and commitment to serving the people of Rwanda. She will dearly be missed by all of us. May the Almighty God grant comfort to her family and rest her beautiful soul in eternal peace. My deepest condolences to her family and the CHAI family.

  77. Janvier Dukuzumuremyi

    Condolences to his biological family and CHAI Rwanda. You were a good leader for us, and you will be always missed but never forgotten. Rest in eternally peace Sidonie….

  78. Janvier Dukuzumuremyi

    Very sad news! Rest in eternally peace Sidonie….you were a good leader for us, you will be always missed but never forgotten. My condolences to his biological family and CHAI Rwanda family.

  79. Dr Brenda Asiimwe Kateera

    On behalf of the Network of International NGOs (NINGO) – Health Thematic Working Group, that Sidonie and I co-led, we are very saddened at the loss of a bright star.

    Sidonie was a strong pillar in the Health Systems Strengthening in Rwanda. She was very passionate and committed to ensuring equitable health services for all and was an excellent people-centric leader. We will miss your warmth, hearty laughter and visionary leadership. May your legacy live on through each of us that you have impacted and the seeds you have sown.

    AHF Rwanda
    & NINGO Health Thematic Working Group

  80. Mark Bryan SCHREINER

    On behalf of the UNFPA family, we convey our sincere condolences to Sidonie’s family, friends and CHAI community. This is a tragic loss of a passionate leader making a real difference for the communities she served. We salute her dedication and contributions especially towards women’s health and rights. Let us honour her legacy with our continued collaboration and her spirit in reaching the most vulnerable. May her soul rest in eternal peace. Mark/UNFPA

  81. Soleine Scotney, CHAI Country Director

    Dear Iain,
    On behalf of CHAI Cambodia, I wanted to share our deepest thoughts and prayers to the CHAI Rwanda family, CHAI leadership, and of course Sidonie’s family and especially her toddlers.
    A few of us had met Sidonie in person, in Rwanda or at CHAI events, and all of us had been unanimously impressed by her energy, values, passion and intellect. She was a true embodiment of the CHAI values.

    We will keep her in our thoughts as we do our daily work (in particular, we are hoping to emulate Rwanda on hepatitis elimination!). We also hope CHAI could put in place a regular event for all CHAI staff to celebrate Sidonie’s life and legacy.

    With all our love,
    Soleine and the CHAI Cambodia team

  82. Sabine Umuraza

    Goodbye Sidonie, it’s hard to express how we feel right now and hard as well to find words to comfort your family in this painful time. But above all, we were so lucky to have you as a colleague, a friend, a mother for some of us and more importantly a good listener when we were in need. We’ve never thought that you will leave as earlier as now, this is and will always still a shock to yours and a big gap to CHAI team. Sidonie with your kind heart and positive attitudes towards everyone I am not doubting that you are already in heaven, rest in peace our dearest. We will deeply miss you; my prayers and thoughts are with your family

  83. Cedric Bengue

    I still cannot believe that we have lost Sidonie. This is hard to accept.
    Sidonie has been one of the first CHAI members I worked with. She was extremely professional and a kind soul. We have never met and she said many times that I needed to visit the Rwanda team since I have been working so much with them. She mentioned to me when I moved to CHAI, that she was almost as new as me and that we should stick together and help each other. She was amazing. She also showed strong support to me last year when I was going through some hard times. She was present and supportive. I have spoken to Sidonie a few times this year and she was delightful as usual. I cannot imagine that only a few days ago she texted me, and that now she is gone.
    This is a huge loss for CHAI but also for Rwanda. She will surely be missed. Rest in peace Sidonie.

  84. Dr Diane Gashumba

    I got the privilege to know Sidonie professionally but also as a friend.She was very dedicated to doing everything perfectly and on time without being a burden to anyone. She represented the institution and her country with a pure heart. She never failed to mention all the big projects she had for her children and how she wanted the best for them. She will forever be missed by many. I will always be there for Shaun and Teta.

  85. Patrick Ndimubanzi

    We are deeply, deeply saddened by the passing of Sidonie.
    She was energetic, enthusiastic and so easy to work with: She was always positive and looking for solutions.
    She was a great Partner, a dear Friend and simply an incredible Human Being.
    We shall deeply miss you, Sidonie.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends.

  86. Perla Akaliza

    I was saddly crying because she was my Aunt ( May her soul rest in Peace)

  87. jason

    may her soul rest in peace and that she get to see her two brothers and her sister mother and father in heaven she was my loved unty

  88. jason

    may her soul rest in peace in heaven and that she get to see her two brothers and one of her sister in heaven

  89. Saurabh Sharma

    Rest in Peace Sidonie … We pray for you and ask for solace for your family

  90. Lise Ellyin

    It was hearbreaking to read the news. Sidonie- your energy was infectious and you had a great spirit. The first time we met- I received a big bear hug. That says it all. My thoughts are with your family and may you continue to smile radiantly over everyone. My thoughts are also with all of you CHAI Rwanda.

  91. Anonymous

    Very sad. Condolences to CHAI and Sidonie’s family. May her rest in eternal peace.

  92. Lara Samuel

    My sincere condolence of family and Her soul Rest In Peace. Amen


    My condolences to Sidonie’s family, the CHAI Rwanda team and everyone. Such heart wrenching news. When I think of Sidonie what comes to my mind is her energy and ambition to start a new initiative. Sidonie was full of force and energy always at the front line to move forward.  My thoughts are with all the people in the office, the family and everyone involved.I pray that we can all stay strong and healthy to pull through these difficult times. May she rest in peace !

  94. Jack Rockefeller

    It was a very sad moment, hearing of Sidonie’s passing. She was a warrior for all the good fights, and a peaceful soul when retelling her stories of success under the most difficult of circumstances. She will not be forgotten, and her accomplishments will live on.

  95. Emi Okamoto

    Very saddened by the sudden loss of such a bright character. Sidonie championed for viral hepatitis C elimination in Rwanda, which sets an outstanding precedent for the world. In 2019 I remember how she welcomed us to a global summit in Rwanda, ensuring that (in addition to a productive meeting) we could enjoy the visit and learn some of the culture, and that we bonded with the larger CHAI country office over dinner to build the community. May her warmth, dedication, and force continue inspiring. Sending condolences to her CHAI and own families.

  96. Aline Ikirezi

    My sincerely condolences to CHAI family!you served the country, Your courage, guidance…all your deeds will be remembered as well. Rest Easy Sidonie, u were a good example Leader and always be

  97. GIAHC

    Sidonie was a dedicated human being who was focussed on helping others. One of her goals was to eliminate cervical cancer in Rwanda. We will miss her in our group but we will always carry her spirit in our work. Our heartfelt condolences to her family.

    Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer (GIAHC)

  98. Sukrit Chadha

    Sidonie’s positive energy and pleasant demeanor made her an integral driving force of the CHAI Rwanda family. I still remember the times when I came back to Rwanda from my home leave, she would welcome me with a warm hug, which made me feel like I was actually returning ‘home,’ even though I was coming back from my home leave. One could feel this warmth during every interaction with her. She fostered an inclusive community and culture for expats like me. She was a unifying force, bringing together everyone be it in meetings or parties. Her positive energy and enthusiasm would light up the discussions within CHAI and with government stakeholders alike.

    Sidonie was not only a mentor in my professional life but also a great guide in my personal development. She always encouraged me to pursue additional responsibilities, putting her belief in my abilities, even in times when I was in doubt. She was a truly empathetic leader and I cannot forget her support when I was facing some personal challenges. Despite her busy schedule, she was always approachable and would ensure taking out the necessary time, when required.

    I will remain indebted to her support and hope to contribute my bit in continuing her magnificent legacy. Condolences and strength to her family. May she rest in peace.

  99. Sheldon Xie

    I am so saddened to hear about our loss of Sidonie. Goodbye, Sidonie, but I will always remember you and our fond memory of working together. Together with many colleagues at CHAI, we will carry on your true spirit of serving the people and helping the underserved. Please rest your soul in peace and eternity! My prayers are with your family and loved ones!

  100. Charlotte Dolenz

    A truly heartbreaking loss for all who knew Sidonie. My thoughts are with her family and loved ones. She will be always missed but never forgotten.

  101. Anne Liu

    Though I never had the fortune of meeting Sidonie in person, the short time we had to remotely collaborate gave me a glimpse of what a truly remarkable and inspirational leader she was.

    She was not only a visionary, but a problem-solver who moved mountains to bring ideas to life. Her perseverance, charisma, and dedication will be remembered. Sidonie – you will be sorely missed. My condolences to her family and her team.

  102. Sylvia Rowe

    I am so saddened to lose Sidonie. She was a joy to work with, a keen intellect and a warm heart. This loss will be felt so far and wide – not just to those she loved and who loved her, but to the people of Rwanda whom she fiercely served with dignity and grace. May she rest in peace.

  103. Jacqui Sebageni

    Sidonie was a Board Member of Women for Women Rwanda.

    She had clarity, a wealth of experience, a strong, warm presence and so much to share.

    Sidonie will be sorely missed by the Women for Women family.

    Our condolences, thoughts and prayers to her family, friends and colleagues

    May her Soul rest in Eternal Peace!

  104. Erin Stern

    I had the pleasure of working closely with Sidonie on the Indashyikirwa programme, when she was working with CARE Rwanda. Sidonie was a force of nature. Her strength and dedication to promoting the rights of women and girls was contagious. She was a core member, of what we then called ourselves ‘The Indashyikirwa Ladies’; an incredibly inspiring group of women. She was always joyful and a radiant beauty, both inside and out. The world is at such a loss without Sido in it.

  105. Jarrell Perkins

    Rest in Paradise Sidonie. It was such a pleasure to work with you and even more enjoyable to spend time with you in Bangkok last year. You will be deeply missed.

  106. Gad Gakuru

    It is unfortunate to loose a such a passionate, enthusiast and strong woman. It’s a big loss to Rwanda and the world in general.

  107. Philippa Kibugu Decuir

    My sincere condolences to Sidonie’s
    family, friends and colleagues at
    CHAI. I met her last year at the launch
    of The Rwanda Cancer Center and it was love at first sight– she and two
    Guests promised me to pass by Our Pink Wellness House and they did, I have beautiful pictures to remember her by. Rest in Eternal Peace.

  108. Maggie Savage

    Sidonie’s passing is heartbreaking news. A true leader and wonderful colleague that pushed everyone around her to take big and bold action for those that we serve. She brought an unbounded energy and joy to both the work that she did and to those that she worked with. I was always amazed at how no brainstorm, email or task was too small for her to dig into and provide input on. Knowing her passion for the work and her ability to execute, I looked forward to a time when I would be able to work with and learn from her again. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and all that know her, worked with her and loved her. She will be greatly missed.

  109. Tafadzwa Dzinamarira

    I am deeply saddened. My sincerest condolences to the CHAI Rwanda country office family.

  110. Anonymous

    Rest in Peace, Sidonie. Thank you for your presence, gifts, and time in the world.

  111. Jean Paul BUCYENSENGE

    This very Sad news!May her soul rest in Eternal Peace

  112. Eric Gatabaki

    This is such a terrible loss. Sidonie’s warmth, enthusiasm and passion will be dearly missed. She was such a pleasant person to work with, and always left you with a smile. She will be in our hearts and memories.

  113. Emily Kobayashi

    Sidonie was a tremendous leader and a force of nature. She was a champion for improving access to cancer treatment in Rwanda, and her vision and partnership will be deeply missed.

    My heart is heavy at this loss.

  114. Inès Buki

    I will always remember Sidonie sound interventions and energy during Rwanda Health Development Partners forum and any other sector events. She will be missed for her leadesrhip in the sector. My deep condolences to the CHAI family.

    From Chemonics Rwanda

  115. Alexander Doxiadis

    This is such a tragic loss. My thoughts are with her family and friends and with all our colleagues in the Rwanda office. I am sure she will be missed dearly.

  116. Mwesigye John Patrick

    My heartfelt condolences to your entire family and CHAI family, the organization that have led with a lot of success in a few year at the helm.

    Rest in Peace Sidonie

  117. Paula Dhanda

    We are very saddened to hear of the loss of Sidonie Uwimpuhwe. Our team at Worldwide Healing Hands was looking forward to working with this strong advocate for women. Our deepest condolences to her family and colleagues. Sad for Rwanda to have lost a great leader.

  118. Amza Ndabateze

    I was very shocked and saddened for the loss of this beautiful soul. We will really miss you Sidonie. My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends. May Allah protect your children

  119. Deepika Kandula

    Sidonie embodied the strength and beauty of the human spirit. A fierce gender rights activist, she inspired so many of us. My thoughts are with her family and loved ones. Rest in power and peace, Sidonie. We miss you.

  120. Espérance Ndenga

    When I heard that Sidonie was the new CHAI CD for Rwanda, for me working in the HRH program, it was a great news to hear! I was privileged to know and work with Sidonie since 2007 and I was always amazed by her energy! She was the kind of person who invest all of herself in her job.
    We are all shocked and devastated by her passing.

    I pray that God comfort and keep her children.

    She will be dearly missed.

  121. Andy Carmone

    I did not know Sidonie well or for long. Especially at first, I found her bold and uncompromising manner to be awesome in the original sense of the word. During one detailed meeting when we were discussing potential research to conduct in the nascent cervical cancer prevention program, Sidonie led her team in proposing an idea at once outrageous and brilliant: to have women’s partners collect their samples and compare the quality with those collected by health workers. Sidonie’s voice beamed as she defended the idea—the intimacy of the intervention was both the question and the point—what better way to offer pathways for men to take active roles in supporting the health of their female partners? My memories of Sidonie will always track back to the incandescence she let us see that day.

  122. James Reid

    I remember Sidonie fondly as someone who was always warm, inviting, and eager to give all she could to make the world a better place. Despite having a lot of responsibilities, Sidonie always made time to share her knowledge, educate her peers, and collaborate with others to advance causes she cared deeply about, such as gender equity. I am deeply saddened by the loss of such a dedicated, compassionate colleague and offer my sincerest condolences to her loved ones.

  123. Henry Ndayisaba

    Rest Well Sidonie. While your lovely presence and Laugh will be missed in the office, the great work you did here at CHAI Rwanda will not be forgotten anytime soon. Thank you for being a tireless professional, and helpful Leader.

  124. Anonymous

    As a colleague Sidonie was a rare example of collaborative leadership, humility, and collegiality.

    As a woman, Sidonie’s energy was electric. She came across as passionate in what she pursued, which was admirably evidenced in her work for children and women’s rights.

    As an African, Sidonie was one of our best examples.

    Our thoughts are with her family, and the CHAI Rwanda office at this time. May she rest in peace.

  125. Sophie Hodder

    So very sad to hear this, sending her colleagues and family much love and thoughts.

  126. Anonymous

    I had a privilege of working with Sidonie, she was such a great boss.May God strengthen her family and beloved ones. It is such a great loss. We will miss you. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

  127. Timo Tchereni

    The passing of Sidonie leaves us all in shock. Thoughts and prayers go to her family. CHAI is one family and the going away of one member like this leaves a gap that we all feel. May her soul find peace.

  128. Linda Dearborn

    I had the pleasure of working with Sidonie since she joined the CHAI team. She was extremely knowledgeable about her country and followed through ensuring compliance and most importantly the well being of her team. She was full of energy and joy, no matter the situation Sidonie brought lightness and laughter. My thoughts and prayers are are with Sidonie’s family, the CHAI family and all the lives in Rwanda that have been impacted by such a loss. Sidonie you truly will be missed, my God guide you in your next journey and may your family find peace in knowing you are watching over them. With great sadness may you rest in peace.

  129. Dejene Duguma

    May her soul rest in peace and God gives strengeth to her family and beloved ones during this hardship moment.

  130. Dejene

    May her soul rest in peace and God gives strengeth to her family and beloved ones during this hardship moment.

  131. Olufunke Fasawe

    Sidonie was a great leader with a very warm personality. She was indeed passionate about her work and her people and had an infectious presence.
    She will be missed greatly. Such a huge loss to CHAI, to Rwanda and to the SRH community globally.
    Rest in peace Sidonie.

  132. Attila Yaman

    Sidonie was a shining example of real leadership, her confidence and energy to bring about change was inspiring. Her expertise was wide ranging and crucially she knew what she didn’t know and when to rely on and empower the teams that she built around her. Her willingness to engage with us on a personal level made her an irresistible force to follow. She would never shy away from pushing us outside our comfort zone and her trust and belief meant we succeeded more often than not, even when we weren’t sure we could. Her example will continue to inspire and live long in all those lucky enough to have worked with her.

  133. Tiwa Braimoh

    I worked with Sidonie for just 11 months and it feels like I lived with her for decades: she was not just a good boss but a great friend.

    I experienced Sidonie’s penchant for excellence and depth: she went beyond perception to unearth seemingly invisible treasures in people and motivated her team to get things done.

    I saw Sidonie’s love for country: she wanted and hunted for the best for Rwanda.

    I had the privilege of climbing up Sidonie’s ladder and had a peep into her vision: she wanted CHAI Rwanda to be the best in everything and a role model for other countries.

    I observed Sidonie’s actions towards fulfilling her vision: She recently gave the office a physical facelift and was planning a major reorganization for better efficiency and performance.

    I had a glimpse of Sidonie’s political sagacity: She was savvy at forging, grooming, and managing relationships and partnerships and she earned the respect of everyone.

    Above all, I saw and experienced SIdonie’s care for people: And she will be missed.

    Rest in Peace, Sidonie!

  134. Richard Kalule

    Though time may take away our loved ones before we are ready to let them go, life would be meaningless if we do not leave a trail like Sidonie has left. She will always be remembered and our prayers to her peaceful rest and strengthening of her family,
    May her soul rest in Peace!

  135. Soline

    Sidonie’s passing was such a heartbreaking news. I will miss her energy, passion and contagious laugh. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. May her soul rest in peace.

  136. Anonymous

    RIP Sidonie, sad news

  137. Anonymous

    It is very sad, RIP Sidonie

  138. Solomon Kalyango

    Very sad loss indeed, may the Lord strengthen the entire

    Family during this trying moment.

    May her soul R.I.P

  139. Natha

    Bright woman, loving, caring, passionate to serve others. May God comfort all the family. We will miss you. RIP Sidonie

  140. Vishal Brijlal

    It’s so sad to hear of her passing. It’s always very difficult to lose someone from the CHAI family. Condolences to her family. Om Shanti

  141. Dr Zuberi Muvunyi

    The last three years I have been privileged to work and interact with Mrs Sidonie Uwimpuhwe an outstanding leader in the area of health systems strengthening, open minded and full committed to her work. It is a big loss for Rwanda Health Sector. May Almighty God rests her in eternal peace. I salute her wonderful dedication and legacy left behind. Condolences to her family, friends and CHAI Community.

  142. petros

    Very bad News,
    and untimely death. May God extend his sincere condolences to her loved one’s. My sincere wishes to rest her soul in peace!

  143. Anonymous

    I was burst into tears when reading the news via CHAI mail. You’re such an angel God brought to us and your mission has been completed. Please rest in peace. God bless you and your family.

  144. Martha Ndhlovu

    passing my deepest condolences to her family, friends and the entire CHAI family, particularly to the Rwanda office. Praying for God’s comfort at this difficult time. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

  145. Niken

    I was so shocked and saddened upon learning of Sidonie passing. I had the privilege of knowing her when I attended Hepatitis Summit meeting in Rwanda back in 2019. She left a very memorable image for me. A young woman, so smart and confident, and very passionate in the work she did. She’s a successful person, yet so humble. I’m sure she inspires a lot of people, as she inspires me.

    Rest in power and in love, Sidonie.

  146. Yigeremu Abebe Asemere

    i heard the extremely sad news of Sidonie’s passing with broken heart. All my prayers are with her family. CHAI lost a professional manager. let her soul RIP.

  147. Levy Mkandawire - CHAI Zambia_SRMNH

    My heartfelt condolences to the family and to CHAI Country Office and CHAI at large. May Her Soul Rest in Peace.

  148. Joseph Nsanzurwimo

    Sidonie you are a strong guide and mentor in my career life, Rest in Peace

  149. encup suparti

    turut berduka cita sedalam-dalamnya.
    selamat jalan sidonie, jasamu di chai sudah bermanfaat bagi banyak orang. semoga yang di tinggalkan di berikan kekuatan dan kesabaran.
    tidak ada manusia yang abadi di dunia. tetapi yang abadi hanyalah amal kebaikan mu selama di dunia dan di kenang sepanjang masa.
    untuk yang di tinggalkan tetaplah jadi baik karna orang baik sudah sangat langka di dunia.
    salam kenal dari saya encup.

  150. Ernest Muhirwa

    God Loves You than Us.
    I am sorry Mom, since I joined CHAI in October 2020, I did not have enough time to interact but with short time we meet and talk, you were the source of hope, intelligency, joy, peace, you were the mentor, …
    I will not forget your welcoming in your Office every time opens to every one, …
    Very humble mother, very wise Leader, …

    “Thank you Almighty God to prefer to take our Sodoni to your Kingdom, You love Her than Us!”

  151. Sam Acellam

    I moved to the Rwanda office in Nov of 2019 where I met Sidonie. I immediately loved her boundless energy and love for her work and colleagues. At an end of year mini celebration that same year, she played games and joked with each and every one. She was a warm person who touched my life and taught me many things I shall never forget. She was the true embodiment of all CHAI values and I shall deeply miss her as a friend, mentor, mother and colleague. Till we meet again Sidonie.

  152. Asmamaw

    I am really sad.
    May God give strength for her family and receive her soul in Heaven!

  153. Aston

    Suddened indeed! May you rest well. A big thanks for your labours among the people of Rwanda, and shaping done in the healthcare space. Thank you for being a blessing.

  154. Mini Rozario

    May her soul Rest in Peace.

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