Webinar: Guide to CHAI’s HIV New Product Introduction Toolkit (part 2)

This webinar, the second in a two-part series, highlights tools and resources in CHAI’s HIV New Product Introduction Toolkit. The toolkit provides ministries of health and implementing partners with the tools necessary to evaluate the adoption and introduction of new HIV products in their local context.

This webinar highlighted two consumption monitoring tools, including:

1) The CHAI Rapid Consumption Monitoring Tool, a simple tool for programs that have begun to rollout new antiretroviral (ARV) medications to compare the actual consumption of a new product at a select number of facilities against forecasted uptake trends in the hopes of identifying any potential issues of under consumption or overconsumption, and

2) The CHAI National ARV Stock Status Dashboard, a simple tool designed for programs to monitor the stock on hand of ARVs at the national level. The tool shows, over a two-year period, when stocks are likely to exceed maximum stock levels (i.e., potential wastage) and when stocks will dip below minimum required levels (i.e., an impending stockout), based on user-inputted current stock on hand, expected deliveries, and average monthly consumption.

The development of the HIV New Product Introduction Toolkit website and some of the content has been funded by Unitaid through the CHAI-Unitaid Optimal ARV project. Learn more about the CHAI-Unitaid collaboration here.

Watch the webinar here.