Access to Medicines

CHAI works with governments and companies around the world to fundamentally change the economics of global health. By securing lower prices for key commodities and improving laboratories in the developing world, we are helping patients’ access the treatment and care they need.

Increasing Access to Medicines and Diagnostics

Working with the governments of developing countries and the pharmaceutical industry, we have helped dramatically lower the cost of lifesaving medicines and diagnostics for HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. Globally, we negotiate price reductions for drugs and diagnostics, customize products for resource-limited settings, and work to broaden the supply base and increase the quality of these treatments.

To create impact, we often use a “market-shaping” approach, which has been significant in producing new and improved products from more suppliers at lower prices. CHAI has reduced prices up to 90 percent for key drugs for HIV, malaria, and TB, and up to 80 percent for HIV diagnostics, saving more than $1 billion in total. Currently, patients in more than 70 countries pay the reduced prices achieved through our negotiations. Almost four million people with HIV—60 percent of all people being treated—and more than 30 million people with malaria have benefited from these reduced-pricing agreements.

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Laboratory Services Team

In 2003, CHAI created a Laboratory Services Team (LST) to increase patients’ access to rapid, accurate, and cost-efficient diagnostics. We have helped reduce the cost of the most common HIV/AIDS tests by as much as 80 percent. And we have worked hand-in-hand with more than 25 governments to improve both their national laboratory networks and the availability of new diagnostic technologies that match the needs of the communities they service.

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