Working Together in Zambia

Mr. Jere Mwila is the Director of the Human Resources and Administration directorate in Zambia's Ministry of Health and a tenacious leader. Like CHAI, Mr. Mwila is ambitious. He wants to solve Zambia's health worker shortage as quickly as he can so that human resources do not stand in the way of scaling up HIV/AIDS treatment, improving maternal and child health, and treating preventable illnesses. He is a strong leader with a vision. He solicits his team's opinion, fosters a determined work ethic, and instills a sense of urgency when implementing interventions.

CHAI works closely with Mr. Mwila and his team. We typically meet every few weeks for a multi-hour meeting-often after-hours or on a Saturday to accommodate his busy schedule. The goals and timelines we set together have already helped create dramatic progress. Indeed, since 2008 the growth rate in Zambia's health workforce has more than doubled. "CHAI's approach is successful because they are true partners," said Mr. Mwila. "They are innovative and help us move quickly. We work together to find sustainable solutions. Nobody provides technical assistance like CHAI does."