Stories from CHAI

The Heroes of the Laboratory

Backlogs kill. And they are found in labs across the developing world.

Working Together in Zambia

Jere Mwila is director of Human Resources and Administration in Zambia’s Ministry of Health and a tenacious leader.

Ambitious Expansion of Treatment Services

CHAI was asked by President Mbeki to help South Africa develop a five year plan for significantly scaling up treatment of AIDS patients.

Moses Returns to Africa

In 1990, Dr. Moses Massaquoi was the only Liberian physician working in Soul, a suburb of the capital city Monrovia.

Shrinking the Malaria Map

In October of 2007, Bill and Melinda Gates set the malaria world ablaze by stating that “we will not stop working until malaria is eradicated.

Expert Clients, Expert Advice

Sekina Andala was diagnosed with HIV in 1996. Today she works helping others who are confronting the realities of testing positive.

Getting the Dose Right

Given how fast kids grow, it can also be difficult to determine what the right dose is at any given point.

Avoiding Over-Orders and Stock Outs

With many intermediary steps in the cold chain, it can be challenging to keep track of the demand and delivery of vaccines.